18 December 2009

Scientific comparison chart

Exhibit A:
baklava color stripes

Exhibit B:
calico undone

Obvious thread-level correlations.

16 December 2009

A Winter's Tail

BK, as you may have noticed, is one for puns. Also for peanut butter, but let's not get into sticky molars.

Let's instead talk about small miracles, like (unavoidably) the way nuts can be ground to a spreadable substance,
or (indeed) the productive effects of a whiff of rubber cement,

or (and especially, 1):

maps and our ability/inclination to see our world in two dimensions.

(especially, 2): 8-legged creatures that hold an endless spool of silk in their bellies.

Now, on winter:

BK, as a youth, often confused icicles with what you see here. It did not matter to BK that only one kind melted.

11 October 2009

Meta-Kat and Calico Cowboys

2 cats or Kat + shadow?

* *
Much like the recent NASA projectile that tested the moon for water, BK arrived upriver in an old French jam jar -- only this time, the splash was visible.

* *

Meta-Kat: Here's one pun that has nothing to do with healthcare.

Baklava Kat has encountered authentic felines... or, rather, other felines have found, groomed, and observed with great curiosity, our friend BK.

31 July 2009

Paw Prints for Posterity

BK recently celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the Moon Landing (on an apparently hazy moon day).


11 July 2009

Dog sitting for the weekend, B.K. considers proportions

Vacation Meditation

Hiatus: a missing part; see Vienna

Could it be significant that initial attempts to post the most recent B.K. self-portrait produced this instead:

N tusl-o m Trst

which somehow translates to long-distance Kat talk.

Missing also, a question mark. But how to punctuate properly? Cats have only so many digits per paw. B.K. is no exception, already with a name full of periods.

Further attempts will be made to post the afore-mentioned image in its less letter-heavy form.